by Raycho Stanev
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Manuscript stories / Ръкописмени истории
Codicological stories / Кодикологични истории
Wraped stories / Опаковъчни истории
Neon stories / Неонови истории
Waves stories / Вълнови истории

Started as a journal (2005) and practicing a foreign language with exploration of new territories (2017), the focus of this blog gradually shifted to my own stories. Raycho Stanev / Започнал като дневник (2005) и практикуване на чужд език с изследване на нови територии (2017), фокусът в този блог постепенно премина към моите собствени истории. Райчо Станев

Blog culture refers to the norms, practices, and dynamics that have evolved around blogging as both a form of expression and a medium of communication on the internet. It encompasses a diverse range of activities, attitudes, and interactions both among bloggers and between bloggers and their readers. Blogs started primarily as personal journals where individuals shared their thoughts, experiences, and hobbies. This tradition continues, with many people using blogs as a platform for personal expression and artistic creativity. Over time, blogs have become a way to build and nurture niche communities. Bloggers often focus on specific topics, attracting readers with similar interests. This has led to the proliferation of specialized blogs in areas such as technology, fashion, food, travel, and countless other subjects. Blogs are crucial for sharing detailed insights, tutorials, reviews, and expert opinions. They often serve as valuable resources for readers seeking in-depth information on particular subjects. Bloggers can wield significant influence on public opinion, promoting ideas, products, and causes. Many bloggers use their platforms to advocate for social issues, political movements, or environmental concerns, potentially reaching large audiences and mobilizing action. As blogging has evolved, so too have methods for bloggers to monetize their content. This includes advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling digital or physical products. Monetization strategies have influenced the content and style of blogs, with some bloggers crafting their posts to optimize revenue generation. For many, blogging starts as a hobby but can evolve into a professional career. Professional bloggers are those who earn a significant portion or all of their income from their blogs, often supplemented by related activities such as speaking engagements, book deals, and consulting services. Blog culture, therefore, is a rich and continually evolving aspect of online life, reflecting the changes in technology, society, and media consumption patterns.

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