O B J E C T  O R I E N T A T I O N

Raycho Stanev, Contemporary Art, Multimedia, Cinematography, Bulgaria

All the information located on the small area that the brand gives us is a kind of grid - restriction or encapsulation. Encapsulation makes it impossible for users of an object to change its internal state in unexpected ways. Observing the grid, our work begins to acquire a characteristic style and recognition. Imagine first an abstract shape, for example the spiral of the golden section, and then objects that are ready to be arranged according to this shape without changing their characteristics. I like to talk about things I have experience with so check out one of my fridge magnet series where I use graphics I‘ve made on everyday topics diligently researched after talking and interviewing experts. Each new graphic enters the built composition and develops the series harmoniously with a balance between content and form.


Raycho Stanev, Contemporary Art, Multimedia, Cinematography, Bulgaria

To organize a grid for the animation I will rely on the integral, which in mathematics helps us to understand the movement of the figure in space. The function is the basis of the understanding of the integral. In particular, all trigonometric functions of an arbitrary angle can be defined not only by the ratio of the sides in a right triangle, but also by the radius-vector and the unit circle (see the graph on the next page). On the other hand, mathematical analysis is a branch of mathematics that helps us study the behavior of a function. This in everyday life helps us to subconsciously determine the speed of moving figures in space and predict their behaviors. Now let‘s consider a static object that contains motion within itself. In this particular case, I‘m using hyperlinks (pointing to moving objects) that are arranged in the form of the trigonometric segments discussed above.

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