December 2nd, 2017

conscientiously and unconsciously
An exhibition with illustrations from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Norway and Switzerland. Participants: Albena Kovacheva, Lambriana Foreva, Maria Nedelcheva, Alzbeta Zemanova, Simon Walker, Lisa Röper, Sofie Klemetzen, Corinna Mattner & Raycho Stanev and Radoslav Stanev.

Trakia 7, Asenovgrad

‘The object grows beyond its appearance through our knowledge of its inner being, through the knowledge that the thing is more than its outward aspect suggests.’ – Paul Klee

What is the preparation for diving? How to overcome fear and develop a diving intuition? What is the communication structure and how we connect to each other in the water environment? Can the inner world predestine the diving yearning? How to reach the balance between the consciousness and unconsciousness under the water?

This is another carefully planned Nagledna+ exhibition which will help to answer the many questions that lively adults ask. Clear form and superb colour illustrations without words are used to give interesting and accurate information about the diving into the unknown.

The exhibition will be followed by a friends meeting, talk&drink is not obligatory.