Morning thoughts

May 9th, 2017

Train, lake, troll, music, princess. Silence.
An old train climbs up a thousand meters in just 45 minutes.
To make brown cheese you first need to separate the milk. You know, when you make white cheese you add some acid to the milk, to get the cheese-mass out of the milk. You remove the cheese mass, so that you are left with the weigh (the leftovers after you make white cheese).
The sun reappears behind the mountain, if there was no mountain, it would never set. Is it dark in winter. I don’t know, it’s summer now. The kid dreams of being in his grandma’s village in winter, in the north, the house covered up with snow, granddad making a path for them to be able to reach the street. Why do they take him there only in summer, because of the sun? It means in winter – because of the cold…?
After this, you cook the weigh in a big pot. This pot should be made of iron, but it is not obligatory. You can add some cream to make sure the cheese doesn’t get too hard when it’s ready.
The man gets up, goes down to the ground floor and makes coffee. Where he spots a yellow book with a purple dolphin on its cover. He reads the title in Norwegian: Dans Dans Dans, Haruki Murakami and checks it on the internet. Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance – will begin reading it once he gets back. Drinks up his coffee and wakes up the others. In the afternoon they visit the nearby village. They go to a small farm. Just like in Emil of Lönneberga.
The tool shed just next to the pantry. Just a plank away, punishment becomes a treat. Some vegetables, a lot of fish and brown cheese, this time considering a recipe – some whey, a stove, a wooden spoon, much stirring and again a troll. Later, they all return to the cottage, the man collects graphic symbols – flØm, stars up in the sky on the ceiling of Undredal Stave Church, the mountain silhouette descending towards the fjord, goats on the road.
Cooking can take many hours, it depends on the heat. When the weigh starts to thicken, it is very important to stir all the time. When it is thick enough (like clay you can make figures out of) you remove it from the heat.
Cable car, lake, woods, fire and falling stars.
Once a year, in summer, stars fall just like rain, shooting stars. Time to make a wish. Time to go to the mountain. Here the sun seems to be away for a while longer at night. How is it in wintertime? He sits in the kitchen, listening classical music, and reading. Dance, dance, dance, this time in Bulgarian.

He redraw the soft writing of the school of art’s logo – ECAV. It reminds him of another logo, that of an old magazine back home – OUR HOME.
Sun in the village’s coat of arms. Dance Dance Dance, he keeps repeating to himself while listening to music in an old cinema hall transformed into a club in Lausanne. The illustrations here are just perfect to be paper cut. They bring him the fondue; he takes the long fork and thrusts it into the bread. It occurs to him that if it falls into the bowl it won’t be lost. His intention is to eat slowly and then continue his way.
You must continue to stir it until it gets cold to prevent it from crystallizing. When it is cold you can shape it or put it in molds. Put it somewhere cold so that it gets firm.
A walk to Kobe. He sits at the desk in front of an illustration – a head split in two. It was drawn for Granta a couple of years ago. Dance, dance, dance, he reads the short story again and begins to walk up the hill. He reaches Assen’s fortress. It feels as if there is no sun, but the sunlight is everywhere. He looks towards the town – now it surges and then it’s gone. Brown cheese please! From the fortress, he observes the river and suddenly remembers a story about two dolphins in the Ganges, like in a fairytale – dolphins in a river.
Good luck!